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The Conference Circuit

 Conference Circuit - Package

As the season of scholarly conferences gets under way, here is a sampling of our previous Advice columns to help you prepare and get the most out of your meeting.

  • First Person

    We Know You Can Read. So Can We.

    In which I sit through a conference panel and do not obtain enlightenment.
  • Academic Assets

    ‘Tis the Season to Confer

    Academic conference travel warrants a good credit card.
  • Advice

    Duly Keynoted

    Why is the keynote speech such a train wreck at most academic conferences?
  • Career Confidential

    Minding Your Manners for the Conference Interview

    Balance careful preparation for an initial Q&A with a willingness to abandon those plans and wing it.
  • Catalyst

    The Conference Poster Child

    Many scientists have strong preferences about whether to give a talk or present a poster.
  • Advice

    The Dangers of Tweeting at Conferences

    Presenters should have the right to ask people not to live-tweet, and shouldn’t have to explain their reasons.
  • First Person

    Stop the Resource Bombing

    We really don’t need another vague list of URLs and book titles from your conference panel.
  • First Person

    Why Conference Book Exhibits Persist

    In an online marketplace, don’t overlook the old-fashioned book exhibit.
  • First Person

    Meeting the Editors

    How can graduate students make the most of a conference book fair?
  • First Person

    Double Lives

    Conferences give the opportunity for romantic deception, and conferences take it away.
  • News

    An (Academic) Affair to Remember

    Given a chance to explore an old passion, an assistant professor learns the rules and realities of a conference romance On a beautiful spring day several years ago, the e-mail message came. I should have expected it, but it still knocked me for a loop. It said, in part, “I really think we should…