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The Digital Campus: The Robot Has Arrived

digital campus 2018 art

This special report of The Digital Campus examines how artificial intelligence is spreading quickly on college campuses, in ways both seen and unseen. New technologies — chatbots, “smart” buildings, the internet of things, predictive analytics, plagiarism-detection software — are taking on tasks previously handled by humans. We haven’t quite reached the point where robots are leading lectures or androids are running amok on a Westworld-style campus. More likely, artificial intelligence might be apparent in a new irrigation system that conserves money and water by sensing when to shut down, or in an admissions chatbot that saves staff time by answering prospective students’ questions.

This report also explores concerns about AI, including questions about the ethical use of data that’s so essential for many of its functions. And it offers other futuristic content, including advice on how to spice up your classroom with virtual technology and a report on the growing number of academic programs focused on drone technology.

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