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The New and Improved Winter Break

Winter Break, Well Spent 3

Home for the holidays? Maybe, but colleges are offering a lot of tempting alternatives: research and service-learning trips, externships, elective courses, and outdoor adventures. Sorry, Mom and Dad, we might just have to FaceTime this New Year’s Eve.

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    Winter Break, Well Spent

    Home? Meh. Today’s students can choose from an array of travel, service learning, career sampling, and outdoor adventures.
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    Preparing for a Meaningful Winter Break

    These experiences are short. Making the most of them requires careful planning.
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    Career Exercises for College Athletes

    What winter break? For players, it’s often taken up by training. So at Davidson College, career advisers plan accordingly.
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    What Did You Do for Winter Break?

    Whether it’s by volunteering, doing research, or getting ready for the job market, many college students around the country try to make the most of their time off.