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The Reopened Campus: What It Will Take. How It Will Look.


Whether in the fall or further down the line, institutions that sent students home as the pandemic encroached will welcome them back. This Chronicle series examines the complex practicalities, risks, and trade-offs of that unpredecented process. How would residence halls, dining facilities, and classrooms be used in a way that adheres to public-health guidance? After a spring of separation and in some cases, trauma, what will students need and how should colleges respond? And what kind of liability issues might colleges face in the event of an outbreak?

To explore the answers, read the series, and sign up for the virtual events below.

  • News

    How the Pandemic Will Change Teaching on Campus

    The things that make learning effective in person need to be reimagined.
  • News

    The Plan for College Budgets Next Year? Improvise

    Revenues are fuzzy, and every new safety measure carries a price tag.
  • Discuss Communication and Crisis Management With 3 College Leaders

    Real-time judgment calls, long-term ramifications. How do presidents define their responsibilities? Sign up for our free interactive forum, and ask your questions.
  • Law

    Why the Fall Will Be a Liability Minefield

    Colleges face lawsuits at every turn, and waivers won’t protect them.
  • News

    What College Students Need Now

    The student writing in to Central Piedmont Community College was frantic. Her parents, she told college administrators, had lost their jobs because of Covid-19, and the family was down to crackers and a bottle of water. She didn’t see how she could continue her studies when they couldn’t even count…
  • Advice

    The New Communication Plan? Overcommunication

    In the midst of a pandemic, college leaders can’t be too transparent. A poor job now may cause confusion and suspicion. If things go very wrong, a college may never live it down.
  • News

    Welcome to the Socially Distanced Campus

    When students return to colleges, they are likely to find transformed spaces and new norms. Here’s what campus leaders say that could look like.