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The Trends Report 2021

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Covid-19 has upended the best-laid plans, and also accelerated changes that began long before the pandemic hit. As if a global health crisis weren’t enough, social and political upheaval over the past year have also increased pressure on college leaders and academics. When we emerge from this period, what will the reshaped higher ed landscape look like? Read on.

  • 21st-Century Higher Ed

    The Great Contraction

    Cuts alone will not be enough to turn colleges’ fortunes around.
  • Community Relations

    For Town & Gown, a Pandemic Pressure Test

    The stakes have never been higher for this key relationship.
  • The 2021 Trends Report

    The Surveilled Student

    New ways of monitoring health and academic performance won’t just disappear after the pandemic subsides.
  • The Future of Research

    The Shrinking of the Scholarly Ranks

    The pandemic may do lasting damage to the pipeline of academic researchers.
  • Racial Reckonings

    The Antiracist College

    This may be a watershed moment in the history of higher education and race.