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Top Reads of 2017

Over the past year, The Chronicle Review has published more than 200 essays, book reviews, and articles, written by professors, administrators, grad students, and journalists. We’ve met a polyamorous philosopher, a lecturer trying to save liberal democracy, a gadfly in the campus culture wars, and an avant-garde poet turned political investigator.

We observed a university literally burying its past, explored the alt-right’s Jane Austen, peered into the future of the university press, investigated a famous food laboratory, and pondered professorial wardrobe malfunctions, censorship on campus, and how universities embolden white nationalists.

Here, below, are 10 articles that strongly connected with readers in 2017. We think they’re worth another look.

  • The Review

    ‘The Great Shame of Our Profession’

    How the humanities survive on exploitation.
  • The Review

    Free Speech Is Not an Academic Value

    You don’t have the right to say whatever you want on a college campus.
  • The Review

    Eyewitness to a Title IX Witch Trial

    Northwestern University’s prosecution of Peter Ludlow was a purification ritual dressed up as a civilized hearing.
  • From the Archives

    Anatomy of a Hoax

    How the physicist Alan Sokal hoodwinked a group of humanists and why, 20 years later, it still matters.
  • The Review

    The Academic Home of Trumpism

    This little circle of SoCal Straussians became the intellectual hub of Trumpism.
  • The Chronicle Review

    The Offender

    Two students accused Michael Bonesteel of being insensitive, unsupportive, and even violent. Did the art professor get what he deserved — or were the students out to get him?
  • The Chronicle Review

    The CIA’s Favorite College President

    Graham Spanier rolled out the red carpet for the intelligence services to conduct covert operations involving colleges.

    When Universities Swallow Cities

    Is it in the public interest to have giant urban campuses freeload off their neighbors’ taxes?
  • The Review

    Confessions of an Admissions Officer

    The process can make a fool or liar out of anyone.
  • Commentary

    Academe’s Poisonous Call-Out Culture

    There are real, imminent threats to freedom and social justice. So why are scholars attacking an ally?