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Top Reads of 2019

Over the past year, The Chronicle Review has published dozens of essays, book reviews, and articles unpacking academic culture. We’ve seen a field at war with itself, the rise (and fall?) of campus innovation, and a new strain of professorial self-righteousness. We’ve heard from grad students, professors of all stripes, college presidents, and at least one dominatrix.

Along the way, we’ve met a passionate scholar working to make higher ed better, the philosopher of the #MeToo moment, a historian-turned-prophet, and a prominent Trump adviser’s imaginary friend.

We’ve run polemics against everything from PowerPoint to political science, uncovered changes in teaching loads and the humanities, and heard firsthand what it’s like to be a black academic in America.

Here, below, are 10 articles that strongly connected with readers this year. We think they’re worth another look.