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Chronicle Authors

  • François Furstenberg

    François Furstenberg is a professor of history at the Johns Hopkins University.
  • Jennifer Howard

    Jennifer Howard, who began writing for The Chronicle in 2005, covered publishing, scholarly communication, libraries, archives, digital humanities, humanities research, and technology.
  • Kevin Carey

    Kevin Carey directs the education-policy program at New America.
  • Sara Lipka

    Sara Lipka works to develop editorial products in different formats that connect deeply with our audience. Follow her on Twitter @chronsara, or email her at
  • Beth McMurtrie

    Beth McMurtrie is a senior writer for The Chronicle of Higher Education, where she writes about the future of learning and technology’s influence on teaching. In addition to her reported stories, she helps write the weekly Teaching newsletter about what works in and around the classroom. Email her at, and follow her on Twitter @bethmcmurtrie.
  • Eric Hoover

    Eric Hoover writes about the challenges of getting to, and through, college. Follow him on Twitter @erichoov, or email him, at
  • Brian O’Leary

    Brian O’Leary is an interactive news editor at The Chronicle, where he builds data visualizations and other interactive news products. Email him at
  • Julia Schmalz

    Julia Schmalz is a senior multimedia producer. She tells stories with photos, audio, and video. Follow her on Twitter @jschmalz09.
  • Beckie Supiano

    Beckie Supiano writes about teaching, learning, and the human interactions that shape them. Follow her on Twitter @becksup, or drop her a line at
  • Robin Wilson

    Robin Wilson began working for The Chronicle in 1985, writing widely about faculty members’ personal and professional lives, as well as about issues involving students. She also covered Washington politics, edited the Students section, and served as news editor.