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Chronicle Brand Studio

The Chronicle Studio team leverages industry insights, multichannel storytelling, and a deep understanding of our audience to develop custom content and campaigns. Content is created to maximize reader engagement and help our clients meet their marketing objectives. Find out more about our custom content programs by emailing

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  • Sponsored by Kaplan

    Expanding Access for Student Success

    Increasingly student success means less focus on the completion of a four-year degree and more focus on positive career outcomes. Prepare your students to join the workforce by learning best practices for providing equitable access to students as they think beyond the campus.
  • Sponsored by Modern Campus

    Best Practices for Activating Enrollment with Stop Outs

    10-20 percent of would-be college students who intend to go to college after high school graduation make the decision not to attend during the summer months. It’s a phenomenon known as Summer Melt — and in our upcoming webinar, we’ll show you how to put the freeze on it.
  • Sponsored by McGraw Hill

    Achieving an Education for All

    Many students from marginalized groups still face roadblocks keeping them from earning the degree they need for future job prospects. Hear from a panel of higher-ed instructors and administrators on what their institutions are doing to help expand accessibility and nurture student success.
  • Sponsored by Watermark

    Closing the Equity Gap

    Higher-ed administrators and faculty have long struggled to close the equity gap facing students of color. Learn how cutting-edge institutions have integrated technology into their solutions and are seeing improvement in retention and graduation rates.
  • Sponsored by Adobe

    Navigating the New Digital-Learning Landscape

    Explore the Digital-Learning Resource Center’s interactive content to discover the latest trends in teaching and learning in a hybrid classroom, the importance of creativity and inclusivity in today’s curriculum, and strategies to enhance digital literacy.
  • Sponsored by Pushkin

    Pushkin for Higher Ed

    Pushkin Industries, the audio production company co-founded by Malcolm Gladwell and Jacob Weisberg, is devoted to creating content that informs and entertains. We believe our audiobooks and podcasts can inspire learning in the classroom and hope you’ll explore our catalog.
  • Sponsored by AWS

    Digital Transformation Resource Center

    How is higher education embracing today’s rapid digital transformation? Explore the Resource Center below to learn how institutions are modernizing and securing their campuses, turning data into insights, accelerating research and enriching the overall student experience.
Case Studies
  • Sponsored by Google Cloud

    Reimagining Student Success with Data Insights

    From customized solutions with human centered design, to data-based insights, read how Google Student Success Services helped the University of Minnesota Rochester launch a hands-on, immersive, health care leadership program.
  • Sponsored by Adobe

    How Digital Products Can Inspire Creativity in Classes and Careers

    Adobe conducted a survey to learn how access to software could help sutdents apply creative thinking in an academic setting. Learn how creative software impacted engagement, retention, and career success.
  • Sponsored by Ascendium

    Redesigning the Early College Experience

    Minority and first-generation students are the most vulnerable populations at risk of stopping out or leaving early without a degree. This case study follows organizations working with state and community colleges to study and redesign the early stages of students’ academic experience.
  • Sponsored by Salesforce

    Leveraging Data and AI to Create a Compelling Student Experience

    As institutions explore best practices for using data to boost student success, (CRM) software is one way colleges improve and customize their interactions with students. Explore how institutions are reaching their enrollment goals by creating a more personalized experience for students
Special Projects
  • Sponsored by Pushkin

    The Power of Listening

    This video is a lively ode to the podcast as a literary/cultural form. It answers the question: “Really, why do so many people love podcasts so much?”
  • Sponsored by Pushkin

    Meeting Students Where They Are

    Many campuses are serving more adult students, students who are themselves parents, and those with other familial responsibilities. Providing access to these students means that faculty need to meet them where they are. Enter podcasts, which give students a way to access educational content while “on the go.”