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The Chronicle’s Next Steps for Faculty Success: A Program for Mid-Career Faculty Development

Next Steps for Faculty Success

This comprehensive virtual leadership workshop will provide a space for reflection and strategic planning to mid-career faculty who are looking toward the next stage of their career. This flexible program will offer faculty members the opportunity to build their skills, explore professional objectives that align with their interests, and gain exposure to opportunities in research, teaching, academic leadership, and institutional innovation.


Program Package

A Workshop Program for Mid-Career Faculty Development

  • One full-day virtual professional development workshop, facilitated by Dever Justice LLC
  • Professional Development Primer, including a professional map and Chronicle content
  • Individual Development Plan
  • Exclusive access to further, targeted professional development opportunities

Next Steps for Faculty Success Program: $895
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Meet the Program Leaders


Dedicated Space for Reflection, Skill Building, and Strategic Thinking

This full day program, facilitated by Dever Justice LLC, will help faculty members renew their passion and awaken to their own agency in determining the many possibilities for development and leadership in the years ahead. This program will help faculty reorient to an energized sense of professional purpose as they define new goals.

Who should attend: Faculty members 10+ years into their career looking for “what’s next”

Session Options:

The program will be offered in one full-day workshop session. Registrants can select from the following:

  • Saturday, April 22: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET
  • Saturday, April 29: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET

Professional Development Primer

Before the workshop session, participants will be provided a skills inventory and supplemental Chronicle content which will encourage ideation on the next phase of their careers. These materials will guide participants through the workshop session to the paths that best fit their professional goals, and facilitate the successful completion of the Individual Development Plan.

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Workshop Agenda:

Beginnings | 10 AM - 11:50 PM ET

Participants will be welcomed into the program with a plenary session led by Carolyn Dever and George Justice, after which they will break out into small groups. Drawing on the work participants have completed ahead of the program, this session will help participants develop an inventory of their capacities and interests, mapped against prospective opportunities.

Pathways | 12 PM - 1 PM ET

This candid panel conversation will demonstrate by example the diverse possibilities open to academics, and the personal agency that can be found in each new season of professional opportunity. Panelists from a range of backgrounds will join to discuss the choices that have shaped their career, and the opportunities they have taken to achieve professional fulfillment.

Journeys Part 1 | 1 PM - 1:50 PM ET

Participants will be able to select from two moderated discussions in this portion of the program:

  • Scholarship for Social Impact: How can faculty members in any discipline conceive of their research as a public good? How might we work strategically toward social engagement, and measure the impact of our work?
  • Leadership and Identity: How does a faculty member’s identity–their gender, ethnicity, race, religion, or sexuality–shape both access to and performance within leadership opportunities?

Journeys Part 2 | 2 PM - 2:50 PM ET

Participants will be able to select from two moderated discussions in this portion of the program:

  • Being Sustainably Human: How can faculty invest in professional success sustainably, with a healthy balance of work life and private life, and a sense of meaning and purpose in both?
  • Evergreen Teaching: How can we reinvigorate our teaching practices periodically, in response to our own needs for variety or to disciplinary shifts or opportunities, and in order to meet students where they are today, especially post pandemic?

Landing | 3 PM - 4:30 PM ET

Participants will return to their small-group workshops from the morning for guided work on their Individual Development Plan. This space will allow participants to shape goals that are unique to their professional fulfillment, while considering the steps, allies, and resources it will take to move their plans forward.

Mapping Your Journey | 4:30 PM - 5 PM ET

This closing session, led by Carolyn Dever and George Justice, will focus the lessons from the preceding programming into actionable tools for professional progress - in any shape that may take.

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