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Vision, Mission, Values

The Chronicle aims to empower academe and others with insights to enable higher education to build on its capacity to be a powerful force for good.

Our mission: We seek to inform with intelligence, empower with insight, and connect with purpose the world of higher education.

We have four fundamental values: integrity, independence, spirit of generosity, and excellence.

The Chronicle’s North Star is integrity. The Chronicle and its people are fair, honest, decent, trustworthy, respectful. We must do the right thing and hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Our readers, colleagues, customers, and critics must have confidence in our integrity. We will:

  • Uphold the highest journalistic and professional standards, even when it comes at a cost.
  • Act and speak with respect, decency, and without bias.
  • Define clear objectives and deliver on our commitments.

Our independence undergirds our integrity. We must not bow to pressures from advertisers or readers; we aren’t driven by special interests or partisan politics; we shall not do anything that even appears to compromise the honesty and rigor of our journalism. We must:

  • Exercise good judgment, free from external influence, in our journalism and business dealings.
  • Report without fear or favor.
  • Defend freedom of the press as a bulwark of democracy.

We must lead with heart and practice a spirit of generosity. We treat one another as human beings, value the whole person, and are guided by a commitment to decency, mutual respect, and empathy. We celebrate and honor our differences, value our authentic selves, and seek to connect deeply and collaborate effectively. We shall:

  • Assume others are well-intentioned.
  • Seek to learn from and support one another.
  • Keep in mind the best interests of our readers, colleagues, and customers.

We must pursue excellence in everything we do. We push ourselves to uphold the highest standards, embrace a commitment to find innovative ways to change for the better, and seek to hire, motivate, and retain talented employees by helping them grow in their careers. We strive to:

  • Collaborate and innovate, valuing different ideas and experiences, inside and outside The Chronicle.
  • Listen well and communicate with clarity, candor, and respect.
  • Build a culture where employees learn, develop their talents, and grow.

We also believe work should be fun; laughter does, indeed, echo through our offices, as Corbin Gwaltney noted years ago.

Finally, we know there is a profound link between the Chronicle Credo, our vision and mission, these core values and our behaviors, and The Chronicle’s continued success. We must build wisely on this foundation to sustain a strong and indispensable enterprise.