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New York Institute of Technology

New York Institute of Technology offers 90 undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs in more than 50 fields of study, including computer science, data, and cybersecurity; biology and biomedical studies; architecture and design; engineering; health professions and medicine; IT and digital technologies; management; communications and marketing; education and counseling; and energy and sustainability. A nonprofit, independent, private, and nonsectarian institute of higher education, New York Institute of Technology welcomes more than 9,000 students worldwide. The university has campuses in New York City (Manhattan) and Long Island (Old Westbury), New York; Jonesboro, Arkansas; and Vancouver, British Columbia, as well as programs around the world.

New York Institute of Technology embraces its mission to provide career-oriented professional education, give all qualified students access to opportunity, and support research and scholarship that benefit the larger world. More than 107,000 alumni comprise an engaged network of doers, makers, and innovators prepared to change the world, solve 21st-century challenges, and reinvent the future.

Content from this Sponsor

  • New York Institute of Technology

    Leveraging Mentorship and Data to Improve Student Success

    How New York Tech tailors programs to students and their unique needs
  • New York Institute of Technology

    Building a Sustainable Student Experience

    From repurposing existing spaces to implementing green solutions in new campus projects, New York Tech’s newly developed sustainability action plan prioritizes the student experience.
  • New York Institute of Technology

    The Power of Partnerships

    New York Tech enhances student experiences and outcomes through unique collaborations with industry partners.
  • New York Institute of Technology

    Space for Innovation

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) innovations have laid the groundwork for many products we use every day, from the computer mouse and ear thermometer, to memory foam and dustbusters, to ski boots and CAT scans.
  • New York Institute of Technology

    Reinventing the Student Experience

    At the conclusion of the Spring 2020 semester, New York Institute of Technology skipped the traditional end-of-year course evaluations and instead surveyed students about their experiences during the coronavirus pandemic, seizing the opportunity to find out what students value in instruction and…