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The Evolving Campus

Changing spaces in higher ed

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  • The Evolving Campus

    How Colleges Can Revive Climate Goals

    “Sustainability” may not have the buzz of 2008, but it’s re-emerging in institutional risk management, and higher ed has a responsibility to experiment — and team up with local communities.
  • The Evolving Campus

    The Risks Behind Your Walls

    Colleges are not prioritizing — or cannot afford — deferred maintenance. How can they begin to grapple with backlogs in the billions?
  • The Evolving Campus

    What We Now Know About Campus Space and Student Success

    The future is hybrid classrooms, virtual support services, and listening to students, we hear on the first episode of a new, three-part podcast series.

This podcast series from Scott Carlson explores changing spaces in higher ed.

Made possible with support from Perkins Eastman.

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Scott Carlson is a senior writer who explores where higher education is headed. Follow him on Twitter @carlsonics, or write him at