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The Chronicle’s Academic Leadership Crash Course

Practical Tools for the ‘Admin-Curious’ | February 24 and March 1, 2024

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The Chronicle’s Academic Leadership Crash Course

The Chronicle is partnering with the experienced faculty members and administrators at Dever Justice LLC to design a fast-paced course for academic professionals looking to advance their skills in preparation for administrative roles. This four-hour virtual workshop will provide key insights for new and aspiring academic administrators on the inner workings of taking on an administrative position—from application all the way through the transition.

Join us in February or March to explore the key challenges and opportunities facing ‘admin-curious’ individuals. This groundbreaking program will explore the other side of higher ed, illuminate the important steps of the administrative career path, and pull back the curtain to show the mechanics of the job search.

For questions about the program, registration, or our group rate, please reach out to

Program Leaders

Carolyn Dever
Founder and Principal
Dever Justice LLC
George Justice
Founder and Principal
Dever Justice LLC
Liz McMillen
Executive Editor, Chronicle Intelligence
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Testimonials for Chronicle and Dever Justice Collaborations
This training and the resources are critically needed for new chairs especially - to help us not make early mistakes that add difficulty to the role. Wish I knew of this training before my first year in this role. The knowledge is invaluable!
Strategic-Leadership Program Participant
Just had a meeting with my department and by the end of the meeting they initiated the very goal and action plan I wanted them to. I felt like a Department Chair Ninja!
Strategic-Leadership Program Participant


Program Overview
This four-hour crash course is designed to empower aspiring administrators with the tools to pursue their career objectives. Over the course of four carefully designed modules, you’ll receive insights on the full trajectory of entering the administration from facilitators who are experts on both sides of the coin.

This fast-paced workshop for those looking to advance their career in higher ed is suitable for:
  • Faculty members interested in pursuing administrative roles
  • Program chairs and department chairs looking to advance forward to more senior roles
  • Associate deans or deans that may have not initiated a formal search before

Program Schedule:

This half-day program will be offered in two sessions to accommodate variable schedules.
  • Session 1: Saturday, February 24, 11 AM - 3 PM ET
  • Session 2: Friday, March 1, 12 PM - 4 PM ET

Your registration includes:
  • One half-day virtual workshop program, facilitated by Dever Justice LLC
  • A physical copy of How to Be a Dean by George Justice
  • First access to an upcoming Chronicle toolkit for deans
  • A customizable CV template, designed for applications to administrative positions
  • The chance to win an interview preparation session with either Carolyn Dever or George Justice
  • Exclusive access to further customized coaching opportunities
Program Cost: $495

We offer a group rate for 10 or more registrants. Please reach out to for details.
Module 1: The ‘Other Side’ of Higher Ed
There is a common idea across faculty from a variety of institutions that joining the administration is akin to joining ‘the dark side’. Over the course of this 50-minute module, our facilitators will challenge that notion and encourage participants to think creatively about engaging in academic leadership.

Topics for this module will include:
  • Considerations for entering the administration—the things you’ll gain and the things you might miss
  • How to bring the positive experiences you’ve had in the faculty into your administrative capacity to help your institution
  • The growing distrust between faculty and administration and how newcomers to the administrative side can help bridge the divide
Module 2: Professional Preparation for the Next Step
Too often, the mechanics of the professional preparation to apply for administrative positions are not made transparent. This 50-minute module will demystify the core elements of professional readiness that will get you in gear for the application process.

Topics for this module will include:
  • CV creation with administrative roles in mind
  • Making your interests and capacities known, either within your own institution or beyond
  • Demonstrating your skills to the hiring audience
  • How to do a Zoom interview—the etiquette, mannerisms, and more that interviewers are expecting
Module 3: Personal Preparation for the Next Step
A shift in your professional perspective can have large and often unexpected impacts on your personal life. This 50-minute module will explore how a transition into an administrative capacity might impact you, your relationships with colleagues, and even your family.

Topics for this module will include:
  • Family conversations and decision-making— how a job shift may impact your partner or children
  • Practical considerations—readying your wardrobe, readying your routine, and readying your day-to-day
  • Mental health and mentally preparing for a changing role
  • The impact of stepping away from your well-known and established role into something less familiar
Module 4: The Logistics of the Job Search
So you’ve done all the preparation needed to enter the job search... now what? This 50-minute module will illuminate the mechanics of the actual application process.

Topics for this module will include:
  • Moving beyond your own institutional context and into a broader pool
  • Where to seek administrative positions
  • How to contact a search firm and best practices for your first conversation with them
  • Important professional connections during the application process