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  • The Chronicle’s Academic Leadership Crash Course

    The Chronicle is partnering with the experienced faculty members and administrators at Dever Justice LLC to design a fast-paced course for academic professionals looking to advance their skills in preparation for administrative roles. This four-hour workshop will provide key insights for new and aspiring academic administrators on the inner workings of taking on an administrative position—from application all the way through the transition.
  • Leading

    Leading: Lonely at the top?

    How one leader is building camaraderie online.
  • Leading

    Leading: Assembling a top-notch cabinet

    How to build the team you want.
  • The Chronicle’s Bootcamp for Future Faculty Leaders

    The Chronicle has partnered with Dever Justice LLC to help midcareer faculty identify their passions and interests in higher ed, and work toward their continued success with those passions in mind. This comprehensive virtual leadership workshop will provide a space for reflection and strategic planning on the next stage of their career, and will offer faculty members the opportunity to build their skills, explore professional objectives that align with their interests, and gain exposure to opportunities in research, teaching, academic leadership, and institutional innovation.
  • Professional-Development Resources

    Visit The Chronicle’s professional-development resources page to read stories from Chronicle journalists and contributors, and to explore videos and research briefs on a variety of topics.
  • The Chronicle’s Next Steps for Faculty Success: A Program for Mid-Career Faculty Development

    Join us this spring for a faculty development program that will guide participants through planning the next stage of their career.
  • Leading

    Leading: Courting conservative donors

    Questions to anticipate, talking points to try.
  • Leading

    How to fire someone

    Using data to make student success everybody’s goal.
  • Leading

    Creative Enrollment Pipelines

    Two leaders on how partnerships can flip admissions.
  • Your Career

    Dos and Don’ts for a New Senior Leader

    Tips from academic administrators on the first year in office.
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