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  • Paul Voosen

    Paul Voosen Senior Reporter Paul Voosen is a senior reporter for The Chronicle of Higher Education, covering the sciences. Before arriving at The Chronicle, Voosen was an enterprise reporter for Greenwire, focusing on climate change, the environment, and energy. Before that, he was a staff writer…
  • Paul Voosen

    Paul Voosen was a Chronicle reporter. His stories have also appeared in National Geographic, Scientific American, and Greenwire, with reprints in The New York Times.
  • Teaching

    The Motivation Cliff

    The Motivation Cliff
  • Research

    The Subtle Ways Gender Gaps Persist in Science

    Recent studies, many of them by early-career scientists, are teasing out a more nuanced story than the one in the headlines.
  • News

    Maria Klawe Won’t Let Computer Science Remain a Boys’ Club

    Women like to solve problems and to be seen as creative, says a female computer scientist who leads a college.
  • News

    Journal Publishers Rethink a Research Mainstay: Peer Review

    Making the process open and giving academics more credit for doing reviews are two of the methods meant to fix what some call a broken system.
  • News

    Volume 62, Issue 15: December 11, 2015

    This week’s highlights. The Week By Lee Gardner What you need to know about the past seven days. Executive Compensation at Private and Public Colleges By Sandhya Kambhampati and Brian O’Leary View compensation data on chief executives at public and private nonprofit colleges in the United States as…
  • News

    The Calculated Value of a President With a STEM Degree

    For most of the scientists who are in charge of a growing number of universities, leadership is a continued form of experimentation.
  • The Ticker

    How NCAA’s Concussion Deal Affects Current, Former, and Future Athletes

    The National Collegiate Athletic Association announced on Tuesday it had reached a tentative agreement to settle a class-action lawsuit over concussions in college sports. Rather than pay damages, the association has laid out terms that will have implications for current, former, and future college…
  • News

    Is It Time for Universities to Get Out of the Hospital Business?

    The health-care industry is turning inside out, forcing some elite institutions to consider whether their once-lucrative medical centers are becoming liabilities.
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