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    Nixon Answers Scranton Panel, Defends Stance

    Washington In a letter to William W. Scranton, chairman of the Commission on Campus Unrest, President Nixon last week said he was already doing much of what the commission had recommended. He said he had referred some of the recommendations to his Cabinet officers. In its report, issued in…
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    50 Years of Images

    Revisit the photos and illustrations that brought Chronicle coverage to life.
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    ‘Open University’ Programs Gain Favor in U.S.

    The idea of enabling students to earn college degrees without setting foot on a college campus in gaining momentum across the nation. Variously known as open universities, external degree programs, and college without walls, the programs are based loosely on the Open University of Great Britain,…
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    We Must Find New Forms for Higher Education

    Our educational institutions reflect the life styles and learning patterns of the times in which they were designed. One of the urgent reasons for finding new forms for American higher education is that the 19th century model still in use mirrors a society that no longer exists. Consider the social…
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    Term Papers for Sale: A Consumer’s Test

    Washington It was a B- paper, 10 pages long, no footnotes or bibliography. It cost $38.50. I got it by temporarily joining the ranks of students who shop for their homework, in this case at Termpapers, Inc., of Washington D.C. “Only Quality Results,” their ad promised, and the soundest consumer…
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    Breakthroughs by Physicists Seen Imperiled

    Washington Many of the nation’s physicists believe their specialty is on the threshold of discoveries no less profound than finding out how nature itself is put together. But a continuing decline in federal financial support, they say, may cause their work -- and that of American science in general…
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    Nixon Reveals Plan to Monitor Campus Radicals

    Out of the midst of the Watergate scandals have emerged details of a Nixon Administration plan for government intelligence operations directed at campus radicals and other domestic militants perceived as threats to the nation’s security. President Nixon acknowledged the existence of the plan in the…
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    Nixon Weighed Cutting MIT Funds As Political Reprisal, Memos Say

    Washington Two internal White House memoranda that surfaced unexpectedly this month indicate that the Nixon Administration considered withholding tens of millions of dollars in research funds from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a political reprisal against its president, Jerome…
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    Let Colleges Vie For Students, U.S. Is Urged

    By CHERYL M. FIELDS Washington The controversial task force on higher education headed by Frank Newman of Stanford University has issued a final general report calling for vastly increased flexibility in access, financing, and accreditation of postsecondary education in America. Established to…
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    Union’s New Chief Sets Sights on Colleges

    Shanker says the American Federation of Teachers will give a top priority to organizing professorsAlbert Shanker, the newly elected president of the American Federation of Teachers (A.F.L.-C.I.O.), declared at the union’s annual convention here that organizing college professors “will be a top…
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