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  • ProfHacker

    Get Free Private GitHub Repositories Through GitHub Education

    Ryan Cordell shares how students, educators, and researchers can apply for free Github accounts, including private repositories, through Github Education.
  • ProfHacker

    Working with GitHub on the Go

    Amy Cavender introduces readers to one way to work with GitHub from a mobile device.
  • ProfHacker

    Build a class, project, or other website using Jekyll + GitHub Pages

    Ryan Cordell describes how GitHub pages can make creating a static HTML site in Jekyll much simpler for those unfamiliar with the Ruby programming language.
  • ProfHacker

    Build a Speedy, Dynamic Class Website Using Markdown, RStudio, and GitHub Pages

    Ryan Cordell signal-boosts a Storybench post from Aleszu Bajak that describes a way to make fast, responsive course (and CV) websites using a combination of Markdown, RStudio, and Github.
  • ProfHacker

    How to Store Your Twitter Archive on Github Pages

    Martin Hawksey provides an explanation of one way to maintain your public archive of tweets.
  • ProfHacker

    The Limitations of GitHub for Writers

    Discussion of some of the limitations of using GitHub or a GitHub approach in collaborative scholarship and authorship along with some suggestions for how alternative tools and services that target writers might overcome them.
  • ProfHacker

    GitHub for Mac

    GitHub for Mac is an easy way to learn version control software.
  • ProfHacker

    Resources for Learning Git and GitHub

    Konrad Lawson contrasts the approach taken in his ProfHacker series on GitHub with most resources out there and then introduces some of the most important books, screencasts, tutorials, and references sites to be found online for git and GitHub.
  • ProfHacker

    File and Repository History in GitHub

    Konrad M. Lawson explains how attribution can be tracked in a GitHub repository and introduces some of the other ways to get general information about the evolution of your collection of texts.
  • ProfHacker

    Forks and Pull Requests in GitHub

    Konrad Lawson introduces us to the social aspects of GitHub through forks and pull requests.
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