PicoFeed The Chronicle of Higher Education | Faculty https://www.chronicle.com/section/Faculty/7/ 2020-07-09T10:43:50-04:00 The Chronicle of Higher Education Interrogating Your Discipline, and Other Ways Into Anti-Racist Teaching https://www.chronicle.com/article/Interrogating-Your-Discipline/249103 2020-07-02T03:55:00-04:00 Readers share advice and resources for instructors starting to work on anti-racist pedagogy and for academics of color seeking support and community. By Beth McMurtrie Working While Parenting Is a Reality of Covid-19. One University Tried to Forbid It. https://www.chronicle.com/article/Working-While-Parenting-Is-a/249107 2020-07-01T19:46:00-04:00 Florida State University said staff members would lose their right to work from home if caring for children. The news sparked outrage nationwide. By Katherine Mangan A Ph.D. Student Simulated a Day in the Life of a Covid 19-Era Campus. It Went Viral, but It Wasn’t Pretty. https://www.chronicle.com/article/A-PhD-Student-Simulated-a/249106 2020-07-01T18:37:00-04:00 Cait S. Kirby’s online narratives follow disadvantaged students and faculty members through the mundane but fraught decisions they may soon have to make. Her goal? “I wanted you to feel very overwhelmed.” By Megan Zahneis Can Higher Education Help Fix America’s Policing Problem? https://www.chronicle.com/article/Can-Higher-Education-Help-Fix/249105 2020-07-01T17:54:00-04:00 In the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing, some colleges consider whether they have a bigger role to play in educating police officers. By Eric Kelderman What Does It Mean to Support Vulnerable Students During the Pandemic? https://www.chronicle.com/article/What-Does-It-Mean-to-Support/249052 2020-06-25T04:00:00-04:00 Professors design courses with a particular student experience in mind — and it matters which students they’re thinking of. By Beckie Supiano A Transgender Woman Will Lead a Women’s- and Gender-Studies Program. Here’s Why That’s Remarkable. https://www.chronicle.com/article/A-Transgender-Woman-Will-Lead/249056 2020-06-24T20:16:00-04:00 Her appointment is a milestone for a field riven by fierce debate over who deserves “space” and inclusion. By Elin Johnson This Professor Was Denied Tenure. Was Race a Factor? https://www.chronicle.com/article/This-Professor-Was-Denied/249043 2020-06-23T19:36:00-04:00 Supporters question whether his committee, which included no scholars of color, understood his field well enough to evaluate him fairly. By Megan Zahneis Low-Income Students Are Disproportionately Hurt by the Pandemic. Here’s a Glimpse of the Toll. https://www.chronicle.com/article/Low-Income-Students-Are/249042 2020-06-23T18:15:00-04:00 A new study from researchers at Arizona State University found low-income students were significantly more likely to report delaying their graduation, among other things. By Alison Berg Who Gets to Teach Remotely? The Decisions Are Getting Personal https://www.chronicle.com/article/Who-Gets-to-Teach-Remotely-/249035 2020-06-22T15:54:00-04:00 Administrators’ promises to listen to faculty input are giving way to actual rulings on faculty requests. Like everything else in the pandemic, the process is complicated and results vary from college to college. By Emma Pettit What Covid-19 Computer Models Are Telling Colleges About the Fall https://www.chronicle.com/article/What-Covid-19-Computer-Models/249027 2020-06-19T13:32:00-04:00 Teach large classes online, they urge. And get ready for quarantine overload. By Michael Vasquez and Francie Diep Pandemic Pedagogy and the Limits of Compassion https://www.chronicle.com/article/Pandemic-Pedagogythe/249024 2020-06-19T12:15:00-04:00 One professor’s hard-earned lessons from teaching in a continuing emergency. By Beckie Supiano ‘We Can’t Ignore This Issue’: How to Talk With Students About Racism https://www.chronicle.com/article/We-Can-t-Ignore-This/249001 2020-06-18T11:00:00-04:00 Students will return to college this fall after months of protests and debate on racism. How do you prepare for those conversations in your classes? By Beth McMurtrie Can You Create Learning Communities Online? https://www.chronicle.com/article/Can-You-Create-Learning/248872 2020-06-11T04:00:00-04:00 Even if colleges teach in person this fall, not every student will make it to campus. Here’s one idea to support students from afar. By Beckie Supiano How Your Syllabus Can Cater to Every Student https://www.chronicle.com/article/How-Your-Syllabus-Can-Cater-to/248964 2020-06-11T04:00:00-04:00 Some students are struggling; others are bored. Here’s one idea for designing a course to reach all of them. By Beckie Supiano ‘I Was Fed Up’: How #BlackInTheIvory Got Started, and What Its Founders Want to See Next https://www.chronicle.com/article/I-Was-Fed-Up-How/248955 2020-06-09T12:53:00-04:00 The academics who began a hashtag documenting black scholars’ experiences with racism in their careers talk about the radical, structural change they want to see. By Francie Diep Faculty Want a Say in Whether They Teach Face to Face. The Conversation Is Not Going Well. https://www.chronicle.com/article/Faculty-Want-a-Say-in-Whether/248951 2020-06-09T10:52:00-04:00 Efforts to gauge instructors’ opinions feel coercive to many of them. By Megan Zahneis What Does Trauma-Informed Teaching Look Like? https://www.chronicle.com/article/What-Does-Trauma-Informed/248917 2020-06-04T11:00:00-04:00 You may have heard teaching experts talk about the effects of stress on learning. We explain what that means for your teaching. By Beth McMurtrie Black Scientists Face a Big Disadvantage in Winning NIH Grants, Study Finds https://www.chronicle.com/article/Black-Scientists-Face-a-Big/248921 2020-06-03T18:52:00-04:00 White scientists outscore African Americans at a key step in the awarding of the sought-after funds. The new research comes at a time when the nation’s racial inequities are under intense scrutiny. By Nell Gluckman How the Pandemic Will Change Teaching on Campus https://www.chronicle.com/article/How-the-Pandemic-Will-Change/248916 2020-06-03T15:15:00-04:00 The things that make learning effective in person need to be reimagined. By Beth McMurtrie 2,000 Instructors Tell Cuomo CUNY Must Be Protected From Budget Cuts https://www.chronicle.com/article/2000-Instructors-Tell-Cuomo/248903 2020-06-02T13:29:00-04:00 Further cuts would be “educationally damaging, economically misguided, and cruel,” their letter says. By Emma Pettit