Even in Limbo, Trump's Travel Ban Reverberates

After the president tried to bar travelers from six countries, the personal effects are still being felt.


Trump’s New Order on Visas Could Make American Colleges Less Appealing Overseas

April 19, 2017

Like previous executive orders banning travel from some majority-Muslim nations, the president’s move to overhaul the H-1B program could affect international enrollments in the United States.


6 Reasons Trump’s ‘Extreme Vetting’ of Travelers May Already Be the Norm

March 06, 2017

Students and scholars affected by the president’s new executive order say they feel as if they already face heightened screening in order to come to the United States. Here’s why.

Immigration & Higher Education
photo_79846_widescreen_850x530 Students

On the Front Lines of a New Culture War

January 01, 2017

St. Cloud State University spent 15 years trying to become a beacon of diversity and tolerance while its city fought over the arrival of Muslim refugees. Then Donald Trump came along.

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International Students Wonder What a Trump Administration Will Mean for Them

November 11, 2016

The president-elect’s nativist rhetoric has left those students worried about a backlash.


Muslim Ambassadors on an American Campus

Whether they like it or not, many of the women in the United States on Saudi  study-abroad programs find themselves representing the Muslim world to curious, sometimes wary Americans.