PicoFeed The Chronicle of Higher Education | News https://www.chronicle.com/section/News/6/ 2019-10-22T14:57:51-04:00 The Chronicle of Higher Education Doctoral Education Is Flawed. What’s One Solution From the U. of Chicago? Capping the Size of Ph.D. Programs. https://www.chronicle.com/article/Doctoral-Education-Is-Flawed/247384 2019-10-21T20:53:00-04:00 The size of the cap hasn’t been defined, but it will apply to doctoral students in programs, like the humanities and social sciences, that have had difficulty placing graduates in academic jobs. By Megan Zahneis What Happens When Confidentiality in Sexual-Assault Reporting Is No Longer an Option? https://www.chronicle.com/article/What-Happens-When/247383 2019-10-21T18:40:00-04:00 A reporter for NPR Illinois was surprised to learn that she’d have to turn over story tips to a university’s Title IX office. Her situation is more common than you might think. By Katherine Mangan What I'm Reading: ‘Making Global Learning Universal’ https://www.chronicle.com/article/What-Im-Reading-Making/247369 2019-10-20T18:30:00-04:00 Internationalization should affect all students on campus, not just those able to travel, says a book that guides colleges toward that goal. By Ilir Miteza Selected New Books on Higher Education https://www.chronicle.com/article/Selected-New-Books-on-Higher/247370 2019-10-20T18:30:00-04:00 Among the subjects of recent books are how to lead millennial faculty members and the failures of modern business schools. Compiled by Ki-Jana Deadwyler and Ruth Hammond Speaking Up About Free Speech on Campus https://www.chronicle.com/article/Speaking-Up-About-Free-Speech/247371 2019-10-20T18:30:00-04:00 A professor searches for the right balance between free speech and academic freedom. Equality, he says, is at stake. By Peter Monaghan A Dropout’s Coding School Joins a College https://www.chronicle.com/article/A-Dropout-s-Coding-School/247372 2019-10-20T18:30:00-04:00 Ashutosh Desai, the founder of Make School, wants to create a college more like the high school he attended. By Eric Kelderman Do Most Academics Fib on Their CVs? https://www.chronicle.com/article/Do-Most-Academics-Fib-on-Their/247376 2019-10-18T13:06:00-04:00 A study of 180 academic CVs finds that 56 percent claimed at least one publication that turned out to be unverifiable or inaccurate. By Megan Zahneis Are Black Scientists Being Punished for What They Want to Study? https://www.chronicle.com/article/Are-Black-Scientists-Being/247367 2019-10-17T13:19:00-04:00 A new study suggests the National Institutes of Health is less likely to fund studies of health inequities and population health, but those are the very topics that disproportionately interest black scientists. By Francie Diep ‘Students Learn Best in Their Preferred Learning Style,’ and Other Neuromyths https://www.chronicle.com/article/Students-Learn-Best-in/247360 2019-10-17T04:00:00-04:00 A survey shows the extent to which instructors and staff members hold false beliefs about learning, rooted in misunderstandings about the brain. By Beckie Supiano Transitions: New School Names Next Chief Executive, Lincoln Land Community College Hires New Vice President https://www.chronicle.com/article/Transitions-New-School-Names/247363 2019-10-16T19:23:00-04:00 Dwight McBride, Emory University's provost, will lead New School. Lincoln Land's new vice president for administrative services came from another college in Illinois. Compiled by Julia Piper and Ruth Hammond Washington State Voters Will Decide Whether to Reinstate Affirmative Action. Here’s What You Need to Know. https://www.chronicle.com/article/Washington-State-Voters-Will/247362 2019-10-16T18:15:00-04:00 Months after lawmakers voted to lift a ban on affirmative action, its fate again hangs in the balance. This primer will catch you up on the debate. By Jacquelyn Elias and Katherine Mangan Why Higher Ed Should Pay Attention to Basketball’s Sudden China Problem https://www.chronicle.com/article/Why-Higher-Ed-Should-Pay/247361 2019-10-16T17:00:00-04:00 Basketball and college degrees are two of America’s most enthusiastically embraced exports in China. And more news of global higher education. By Karin Fischer The Witnesses https://www.chronicle.com/interactives/20191016-the-witness 2019-10-16T16:39:00-04:00 Inside the detention centers that shocked America, a professor and her peers bore witness. Their assigned roles quickly unraveled. By Emma Pettit The Talk of Educause https://www.chronicle.com/article/The-Talk-of-Educause/247352 2019-10-16T08:00:00-04:00 Among the topics I’ve heard about at this year’s conference: changing technology, security vs. privacy, leadership churn, and course design. By Goldie Blumenstyk To Counter Declining Enrollment, Cleary U. Is Taking a Cue From Some Mega-Universities: Forming Corporate Partnerships https://www.chronicle.com/article/To-Counter-Declining/247350 2019-10-15T16:13:00-04:00 Despite enrolling less than 1 percent of the students that the large institutions spearheading corporate partnerships do, the university plans to expand its enrollment and its national footprint by offering free tuition to company employees. By Wesley Jenkins House Democrats Have a Plan for Higher Ed. Here’s What’s in It. https://www.chronicle.com/article/House-Democrats-Have-a-Plan/247349 2019-10-15T14:00:00-04:00 The College Affordability Act, which aims to restore spending on public institutions and lower the cost of attending, doesn’t pack the same punch as proposals from some progressive candidates for president. By Lauren Fisher Want to Change the Academic Lineup? First Analyze Offerings as a Whole https://www.chronicle.com/article/Want-to-Change-the-Academic/247348 2019-10-15T12:22:00-04:00 To cut costs, colleges may put certain programs on the chopping block. Taking the time to consider them as a portfolio, one expert says, can reveal how the offerings stack up. By Scott Carlson More Than 1 in 4 Undergraduate Women Experience Sexual Misconduct in College https://www.chronicle.com/article/More-Than-1-in-4-Undergraduate/247345 2019-10-15T09:01:00-04:00 A survey conducted by the Association of American Universities found that more undergraduates reported knowing the definition of sexual assault and where to get help, compared with the group’s 2015 study. By Sarah Brown How to Find the Right Mix of Academic Programs https://store.chronicle.com/products/the-right-mix-of-academic-programs?cid=CHEFY19mixAT& 2019-10-14T15:10:00-04:00 Mounting financial pressures and competition for students are pushing more colleges to re-evaluate their offerings. Our latest report will help you make decisions to add, cut, expand, or shrink departments and degrees. Buy a copy in the Chronicle Store. Collaborating as a Pianist Taught a Future Provost How to Listen https://www.chronicle.com/article/Collaborating-as-a-Pianist/247302 2019-10-14T14:04:00-04:00 "The way that music feeds me and gives me energy has really helped to propel me forward in a lot of administrative ways," says Heather Coltman, provost at James Madison University. By Carmen Mendoza