May 09, 2017

Admin 101

Kevin Van Aelst for The Chronicle
I n this series, David D. Perlmutter writes about pursuing a career in academic administration and about surviving and thriving as a leader – whether you are a chair, a dean, a provost, and or any of the positions in between and beyond. The tasks of, say, a dean of sciences at a major public research university are very different from those of a department chair in foreign languages at a small liberal-arts college. Yet there are also many commonalities across leadership posts in academe. Perlmutter explores them in these columns.

What to do as you prepare to be in charge.

During the campus interview, your “vision presentation” should balance the quantitative with a human touch.

How to project a positive image during a campus interview.

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to decline that campus interview.

Whether it happens at an airport or via Skype, here’s what candidates need to know.

What has to happen before you are invited to a first-round interview for an academic-leadership position.

Sorry, there’s no avoiding the tedious, heavy paperwork involved in seeking an academic-leadership post.

Like it or not, consultants are part of the process, so set aside your antipathy and learn from them.

The political risk is weighty and the preparations are burdensome, so make sure you are ready.

Are you prepared for the types, scale, and severity of management challenges?