December 12, 2016

Ms. Mentor

Kevin Van Aelst for The Chronicle
Academic culture, departmental politics, novels about faculty life — all of those topics and more are featured in this long-standing advice column in The Chronicle


How best to deal with a colleague who spends too much time fuming.

Warning: Reading books with your colleagues can make you mad.

A youngish professor wonders if teaching ‘adult enrichment’ courses will damage her prospects.

So much for the classics; time to break open the juicy academic novels.

Five classic texts about professors and learning for your summer reading list.

What to do about the unwelcome amorous overtures of a senior colleague.

My colleague makes people miserable, and it’s holding her career back.

The effects of the academic calendar on your psyche.

What to do when you loathe the changes made to your manuscript.

Who benefits when you retire?

How not to treat a senior eminence whose manuscript you’ve solicited.

Spend at least part of your summer reading about fictional campus life.

How can you change a lingering old-boys’ club in your department?

Spend at least part of your summer reading about fictional campus life.

A new program head frets about his exclusion from a department meeting.

Sure, the reasons you didn’t get an interview could be personal. But they probably aren’t.

How to handle a petty martinet.

Don’t let "them" make you feel like a failure.

A master’s student who is thinking about seeking a doctorate asks, "Shouldn’t I do what I do best?"