September 12, 2017

The Professor Is In

Karen Kelsky, through her business, The Professor Is In, has advised countless graduate students and junior faculty members on how to navigate the perilous waters of the job search. Twice a month she answers questions from readers on all aspects of the hiring process. Here is a sampling of her recent columns.

How do you tell your Ph.D. adviser who disdains nonacademic careers that you’ve accepted a private-sector job?

Sometimes it’s not easy to tell whether a hiring department is more interested in your scholarship or your pedagogy.

When should doctoral students start approaching a book editor about their dissertations?

Is it better to have a weak publication on your CV, or no publication at all?

How to present yourself as a pedagogical asset in your cover letter and avoid stepping on toes.

How to do enough, but not too much, institutional service.

You are eager to be a peer reviewer for journals. Just don’t be too eager.

Which sections should you drop? And which publishers should you approach?

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