NCAA Overturns Part of Penalty for Georgia Tech

May 18, 2006

Sometimes it pays to appeal. Two penalties that the NCAA’s Division I Committee on Infractions levied last fall against the Georgia Institute of Technology for academic violations over the past nine years were deemed to be “excessive” and were overturned today by an NCAA appeals committee.

The decision means that Tech’s football team does not have to vacate its wins from the 1998-99 to the 2004-5 seasons, in which 11 ineligible athletes competed.

In October the NCAA placed Georgia Tech on probation for two years and stripped the institution of a number of scholarships after discovering that academic officials had inadvertently allowed 17 ineligible athletes to compete over a six-year period (The Chronicle, December 2, 2005).

Eleven of the athletes were football players, and six athletes got a D in a class but were still permitted to compete. The NCAA upheld the findings of violations and the limit on scholarships.