Tyson G. Candidate's Résumé - Before

November 04, 2010

This candidate graduated in the summer of 2010 with a Ph.D. in physiology from the medical school of a flagship state university. He is applying for postdoctoral positions at universities associated with local hospitals because his current research is clinically related.

In addition, he is interested in combining his love of science and business: "I think there is an unmet need to bridge the gap between science and business," he says. "Knowing how to speak the languages of both fields would be beneficial." So he also plans to apply for analyst and consultant positions at investment banks, venture-capital companies, and management-consulting firms.

His current résumé is pretty good for a consulting job. It sticks to one page, it uses bullet points and boldface type effectively, and is well spaced. The content is presented pretty strongly, with active verbs leading each bullet point, and numbers used throughout. However, there are a few things he could do to make it even stronger.



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City, State
2007 – Expected July 2010

Middle State College of Medicine
Doctoral Candidate in Physiology
GPA: 3.57/4.0

  • Dissertation: Effects of Melatonin on Blood Pressure Regulation in Humans
  • NASA Space Grant Fellowship ($10,000 for 2 years)

Austin, TX
2005 – 2006

University of Texas
MA in Kinesiology with focus in Biomechanics
GPA: 3.87/4.0     GRE: Quantitative 790, Verbal 500

Ann Arbor, MI
2002 – 2005

University of Michigan
BS with High Distinction in Movement Science
GPA: 3.71/4.0     SAT: Math 730, Verbal 640


City, State
May 2009 – Present

Middle State College of Medicine
Faculty Senate Student Representative

  • Elected to represent 800+ graduate and medical students during Senate meetings
  • Managed the implementation of the university strategic plan with committee of professors and administrators

April 2009 – Present

Co-Chair Graduate Student Career Day

  • Coordinated 17 speakers and increased student participation by 25%
  • Developed and implemented new career day format with planning committee

Austin, TX
Summer 2007

University of Texas
Research Engineer

  • Led biomechanics section of cross campus research collaboration; worked with team of professors to test metabolic and mechanical efficiency of novel Q-ring for competitive cyclists
  • Identified errors affecting calibration parameters in laboratory force plate; led team of 5 graduate students in developing a custom calibration matrix

Aug. 2005 – Dec.2006

Teaching Assistant

  • Promoted from 1/2 time to 3/4 time instructor
  • Mentored 10 graduate students in biomechanics techniques; guided the development and testing of their original hypotheses for presentations to graduate faculty
  • Instructed 40+ students per class in biomechanics, motor development, and fitness each week

Ann Arbor, MI
Oct. 2003 – April 2005

Pioneer High School
Weight Training Coach

  • Trained 4 state championship teams and 8 All-American selections
  • Recognized need for improved weight room layout; worked with team of coaches to develop an equipment configuration that allowed for a 33% increase in team workout efficiency


  • Interests: Training for triathlon; amateur astronomer and photographer
  • Community Service: Junior Achievement mentor for 10 high school boys, youth baseball coach


1. Why not start the résumé with a section called "Profile," "Qualifications," or "Professional Summary"? You indicated that you are "interested in combining your love of science and business/finance, and that you believe there is an unmet need to bridge the gap between science and business." You could briefly mention a few of your accomplishments here to highlight your understanding of business.

For example, if, like many graduate students in the sciences, you have worked with faculty members, postdocs, and fellow graduate students from various parts of the world, you might say something in this intro section like "Comfortable communicating with international scientists." Another example: You have a grant. That's an accomplishment. Did you write the application? Why not mention that? Return to résumé.

2. Now that you have your Ph.D. in hand, you need to update the "Education" section, and change the entry about your doctorate to read "Ph.D. in Physiology." Also, you don't need to include the full span of years you spent earning your degrees; just list the date on which you received them. So the date you list for the Ph.D. would be July 2010; the M.A. would be 2006, and the B.A., 2005.

Employers from consulting, venture-capital, and finance firms are interested in quantitative measurements, so including GPA's and board scores on a résumé is appropriate. In the first entry, consider adding the award that you won for "outstanding Ph.D. candidate" that you listed on your CV. Mention the award next to where you give your doctoral GPA. Return to résumé.

3. Leadership is something in which consulting companies are always interested. Don't be afraid to use that word. Looking at your "Experience" section, it is evident that you have leadership experience. Consider changing this section name to "Leadership Experience." Return to résumé.

4. Your interests and community service are interesting and a little different from the usual. These should help get your résumé noticed. Return to résumé.