My Final Blog Post

July 15, 2015, 10:22 pm

May 22, 2006. That’s when I started The Ubiquitous Librarian Blog. I wrote before at Alt-Ref where I explored new approaches for reference and instruction. But I felt too boxed in. Ubiquitous gave me freedom to roam.

It ends today. Right here.

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When the Chronicle of Higher Education informed me that they were dropping the Blog Network I was sad. But after a few days I got over it, mostly. I realized they had given me a gift. This was a chance to move on and do other things.

I’ve probably written and presented too much over the last decade. I’m looking forward to letting that taper off. I want to focus on Virginia Tech and the great people, projects, and programs we have here.


Me as a soldier in the name of greater library experiences.

Rick Anderson says we’re either soldiers or revolutionaries. I have realized recently that I’m firmly in the soldier camp. That doesn’t mean you can’t be creative, passionate, or innovative. It means you’re driven to advance the goals of your college or university (employer) instead of focusing on reforming the world. I want to put as much time as I can into what we’re building here in Blacksburg.


design charrette @ UCSB

I know my work has generated some thought-provoking conversations at other libraries, but I don’t consider myself a revolutionary. I’ve been very consistent over the last nine years at trying to better understand campus communities and helping them thrive. Call me old fashioned if you want.

I have a long list of “things to blog about” sitting in a folder in my Dropbox. The one post I regret not finishing was about a visit to the National Archives. They hosted me one morning last summer and were very accommodating. I took a ton of notes, photos, and videos. All of that was lost on my phone when it died. (I switched back to iPhone after that tragedy!) I was planning on writing three posts about my visit but ending up with nothing except a greater appreciation for archivists and the amazing work they do.

So What’s Next?

I think these posts will remain on the Chronicle’s site for now. I’m planning to store all of them somewhere else (TBD) eventually.

I’m finishing up a chapter for Steven Bell’s new book: Crucible Moments: Inspiring Library Leadership due out in January 2016. My chapter is tentatively titled: “Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Leading the Pursuit for Greater Library Engagement.”

And I also have Encoding Spaces: Shaping Environments That Unlock Human Potential hopefully coming out Fall 2015.

And finally, I just signed a book deal with ACRL for something we’re calling Becoming Ubiquitous. I’m pulling together some old white papers along with a wide assortment of these blog posts that I will edit, remix, and mash-up. I’ll include a few lost papers and other scribblings along with some other surprises.

There will also be a few short chapters – about my writing process, what I learned from blogging, advice, a little history, and some thoughts about the value of reflecting on your actions and aspirations. It will hopefully be published in Spring 2016.

Thanks for reading. And thanks to everyone for the support and influence over the years. Too many people to name.


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