5 Posts Looking Ahead to Summer

As I write this I’m on the brink of clicking “submit” on submitting my grades for the semester and starting my summer activities. Like many faculty in higher ed, I’m thinking about how to make the best of the next 3 months. In doing so, I’ve gone into the ProfHacker archives to see what my fellow authors have written on the subject:

  1. "Five Things to Do With Evaluations Before the Summer Really Starts": Jason Jones argues that, before the semester drifts too far into the fog of memory, take a few simple steps to preserve your evaluations’ usefulness.

  2. "4 Suggestions for Planning a Productive Summer": Anastasia Salter shares strategies she uses to keep research and writing on track.

  3. "Get the Most From Summer with Well-Made Deadlines": Jason offers some strategies for getting the most out of your time during the summer.

  4. "Three Things You Should Stop Doing This Summer": Natalie Houston suggests creating a No-Do list for the summer to free up your time for what’s most important to you.

  5. "How Are You Having Fun This Summer?": Lee Skallerup Bessette considers the importance of fun and why we often avoid talking about it.

How about you? What advice do you have for how to have a good summer? Please share in the comments.

["Peering Through The Long Grass" by A Guy Taking Pictures is licensed under CC BY]

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