Open Access Week Roundup

Last week, George wrote about Open Access Week. The site is a great resource for all of the activities, announcement, and information, but I want to point to two resources that might be of particular interest to ProfHacker readers.

The first is the oaDIO tool (for lack of a better word for what it is). From their blog post:

Most papers that are free-to-read are available thanks to “green OA” copies posted in institutional or subject repositories.  The fact these copies are available for free is fantastic because anyone can read the research, but it does present a major challenge: given the DOI of a paper, how can we find the open version, given there are so many different repositories?

We made a thing to fix that.  Introducing oaDOI:

This is a pretty handy tool for finding available resources that might otherwise appear to be paywalled.

Another great resources is the post How can Open Access work with Promotion and Tenure? It provides general strategies to librarians in particular in working with faculty and administrators, informed by the specific situation at IUPUI, which appears to have been quite successful in promoting the value of Open Access scholarship.

Looking ahead, the Open Education Conference 2016 will be taking place in Richmond, VA this week. I’ll be there presenting alongside a great list of Open Education and Open Access advocates, scholars, technologists, and educators. If you can’t attend, you can always follow on Twitter (#OpenEd16) or participate in one of the Virtually Connecting sessions taking place during the conference.

What is going on on your campus around Open Access and Open Education? 

Image by Alex Holyoake licensed CC-o

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