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The Alumni Colleges Aren’t Bragging About: Members of Trump’s Inner Circle

When, if ever, is it OK for an alma mater to speak out against one of its graduates?


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Closing Students’ Achievement Gaps at the National Level

Karen A. Stout, president of Achieving the Dream, says the organization has fostered a conversation around data-driven decision making, and helped improve student outcomes, at the more than 200 colleges it has worked with since 2004. But she says much more needs to be done.


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A System Throws Out Its Search for a New Leader. Now What?

In its search for a chancellor, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities passed on all three finalists for the job. Starting over offers challenges, but also a chance to get it right.


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An Internet Troll Is Invited to Speak: What’s a College President to Do?

Ana Mari Cauce, president of the University of Washington, faced criticism after declining to block Milo Yiannopoulos from her campus. She talks to The Chronicle about free speech, tolerance, and student safety.


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One Campus’s iPad Revolution Results in Education Evolution

Mark Lombardi, president of Maryville University, in Missouri, describes some of the interesting changes it has recently made in the education it offers. Technology plays a key role.


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Campuses Are the Place for Difficult Conversations About Faith

Eboo Patel, author of a new book, Interfaith Leadership: A Primer, says religion — and the contributions of believers — should be an integral part of diversity efforts.


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Christian Colleges Balance Faith and Politics in Response to Trump’s Ban on Refugees

Leaders of some faith-based colleges oppose the directive on religious grounds. That view, however, puts them at odds with the president ­— and with some of their own students.


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3 Things You Should Know About Jerry Falwell Jr.

The Liberty University president says he will lead a task force on higher-education policy. Here's a brief introduction to him.


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After a Tumultuous 7 Years, Teresa Sullivan Will Leave UVa

During her tenure as president, the university’s challenges were a microcosm of those facing institutions nationwide: sexual assault, racial climate, and strained relationships between campus leaders and governing boards.


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How the Liberal Arts Can Bridge International Divides

Alfred Bloom, vice chancellor of New York University’s campus in Abu Dhabi, recently spoke with The Chronicle about the importance of higher education to help counter anti-globalist sentiment.


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Setting Ambitious Goals, With an Eye on the Rankings

Andrew Ainslie, dean of the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester, analyzes which business-school strategies serve students well and which fall short.


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College Leaders Must Heed People’s Everyday Concerns

Lynn Pasquerella, the new president of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, stopped by The Chronicle’s offices to talk about the best way to make the case for liberal education.


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How Ethics Training Adds Value for Business Students

It makes them attractive to employers, for one thing, says Joyce Russell, who became dean of Villanova University's School of Business this past summer.


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New Mexico President’s Fare-Thee-Well Gets Ugly

Robert G. Frank is set to step down at the University of New Mexico in May, when his contract ends. So why is the board suddenly talking about suspending or terminating him?


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A Sex-Assault Case Pits Privacy Against Transparency

Eli Capilouto, Kentucky’s president, stopped by The Chronicle's offices this week to talk about the case and the university’s broader efforts to create an environment where victims feel they can safely and confidentially report those crimes.


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39 Private-College Leaders Earn More Than $1 Million

The Chronicle's annual analysis of executive compensation at the institutions finds that the average pay of their presidents in 2014 was $489,927.


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Video: Supporting Undocumented Students

David W. Oxtoby, president of Pomona College, recently spoke with The Chronicle about his advocacy on behalf of undocumented immigrant students and what advice he has for new college presidents.



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Video: Building a Network to Help First-Generation Students Succeed

Students from homes or high schools where few others have gone on to college don’t have peers they can turn to for advice when times get tough, explains Carl Strikwerda, president of Elizabethtown College, in Pennsylvania.


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Video: How One College Takes a ‘Customer-Centric’ Approach to Higher Education

Scott Pulsipher, the new president of Western Governors University, describes how the competency-based education provider builds relationships with students.


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Video: Remaking the Liberal Arts

Katherine Bergeron, president of Connecticut College, discusses how it revamped its curriculum to help students better connect their experiences in and out of the classroom and to help them develop a broad question to frame their education.


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Getting Up to Speed as a New President

The college presidency is a demanding job that has grown more daunting in a time of strained budgets and fast-moving controversies. Aspiring leaders have a lot to learn.


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Baylor Faces Rising Calls for Transparency in Sexual-Assault Scandal

Alumni and donors are accusing university leaders of being too secretive, as controversy lingers over the firing of the football coach.


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Why University Chiefs Head Out the Door

New research on presidents charts a rise in the number being ousted and finds that hires from outside academe generally stay longer.