The Chronicle Review

The Mythology of Jackson State

The 1970 shootings were about racist police brutality, not the Vietnam War.


Professors Are Complicit in Football Players’ Brain Damage

In granting football scholarships, colleges agree to cultivate student-athletes’ thinking on the condition that they risk serious cognitive harm.


High Anxiety: How Can We Save Our Students From Themselves?

Colleges aren’t solely to blame for students’ mental-health problems, but we’re not doing all we can to relieve some of the pressures.


The University Is Not a Technology

Why we shouldn’t rely on data and algorithms to fix the humanities.


Does Disruption Violate Free Speech?

The “heckler’s veto” can be as much a threat to rights of free expression as government censorship.


The Sexism That Permeates the Academy

Believing gendered hierarchy should not exist in the world that we want does not mean that gendered hierarchy does not exist in the world that we have.


Why the FBI Is on Your Campus

With the commercialization of research and the arrival of thousands of Chinese students, it’s unavoidable.