Weekly Book List, January 27, 2017

Descriptions of the latest titles, divided by category.



How to Help Students When Your College Closes

Administrators should takes solace in knowing that they made a difficult situation more tolerable by communicating clearly and providing good options.


The Chronicle Review

Brains From Which the Alt-Right Sprang

A forthcoming study maps the intellectual roots of the “first new philosophical competitor to liberalism” since the fall of Communism.


The Chronicle Review

How to Teach About Nature While We Destroy It

Scholars must rise to the task of studying human hubris.


The Chronicle Review

Taking Mindfulness to the Streets

Can neuroscientists help cops in crisis?


The Chronicle Review

The Neglected Middle of U.S. Politics

Scholars study the political right and left, but ignore moderates.


The Chronicle Review

A Contrarian View of the Black Literary Tradition

Across a color line and an ocean, African-Americans in the Victorian era played off British writers.


The Chronicle Review

The Reluctant Reader

Literature may make us more empathetic – until it threatens to really change us.


The Chronicle Review

What’s Wrong With Econ 101

It’s time we change how we teach to reflect the real world.


You Don’t Need to Be Superwoman to Succeed in STEM

The pernicious myth that you need to be a straight-A student to deserve your spot encourages everyone to hide what they see as their failures.


Don’t Retreat. Teach Citizenship.

It’s possible to cultivate valuable skills and dispositions across the curriculum. And now it’s more crucial than ever.


Talladega Band's Decision to Play at Inauguration Is Smart and Gutsy

A month ago Alabama's oldest HBCU was little known, but now it is appearing in headlines and news crawls of major media outlets.


Stop Dismissing Community Colleges

Historically, community colleges have prepared millions of students to successfully enroll in, and graduate from, four-year programs.


Colleges Should Decide Which Bathroom Students Use

Allowing students who identify with the opposite gender to use any bathroom they choose is a greater right than any other student has, and could lead to abuse of those rights.


The Chronicle Review

Citizen Formation Is Not Our Job

The National Association of Scholars is right to oppose the “new civics,” but its solution is wrongheaded.



Weekly Book List, January 20, 2017

Descriptions of the latest titles, divided by category.


The Chronicle Review

When Truth Becomes a Commodity

What becomes of the public when truth becomes just another consumer preference?


The Chronicle Review

The Plots Against America

Conspiracy theories have gone from the margins to the heart of public life.

The Chronicle Review

Google and the Misinformed Public

The truth suffers when search algorithms become our educators.


The Chronicle Review

Know-Nothing Nation

Can democracy work if the people don’t care about the truth?


The Chronicle Review

Fighting Fake

Waging war against fake news has its perils.


The Chronicle Review

Our Graduates Are Rubes

We are churning out entitled students with paltry knowledge and inflated egos, easy prey for propagandists.

The Chronicle Review

Facebook and Falsehood

Why the fake-news problem means the social-network giant can no longer run away from politics.