For Moral Clarity, Don't Look to Universities

As the hate on display in Charlottesville made clear, scholarly practices and virtues cannot impart comprehensive visions of the good. They are, however, essential in another way.


Supreme Tension

Political battles over high-court nominees date back not to 1987 and Robert Bork, a legal historian argues, but to LBJ and Nixon.


Weekly Book List, August 25, 2017

Descriptions of the latest titles, divided by category.


How Colleges Are Strangling Liberalism

An obsession with identity has made students less likely to engage with a world beyond themselves.


How Universities Embolden White Nationalists

Professors should be wary of unconsciously endorsing white victimhood.


As UVa’s Leaders Equivocate, Professors Shine an Ethical Light

Faculty members in Charlottesville have begun setting a moral agenda while demanding moral clarity from their president. Academics everywhere should take note.


What to Do With a Man on Horseback

Don’t remove problematic statues, like that of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville. Challenge them, in the service of history.