January 27, 2017

The Turbulent Nomination of Betsy DeVos

Chronicle photo by Julia Schmalz
President Trump's choice of Betsy DeVos, a philanthropist and generous donor to many conservative causes, to be his secretary of education has aroused some of the strongest opposition of any nominee for the Trump cabinet.

The critics, including teachers' unions and civil-rights activists, have focused on her support for charter schools and vouchers, her family's backing for antigay causes, and her lack of familiarity with public education since both she and her children attended private schools.

Still, Ms. DeVos has retained strong support from Senate Republicans, and that might ensure her confirmation, regardless of what the critics say.

Here's a look at how we got here, with Chronicle news, analysis, and opinion articles on the nomination.

Many of the new secretary’s critics have worried about what she might do, but most education secretaries have left a limited mark on higher education. Here’s why.

Some experts wonder how much lawmakers will be able to get done on higher education, given their competing priorities and the bitterness over the new secretary’s selection.

Betsy DeVos, a school-choice advocate, has the Senate’s Republican majority on her side. The education establishment is another matter.

The nominee for education secretary faces bitter opposition from teachers’ unions and civil-rights groups, but is backed by prominent Republicans and others seeking to overhaul public schools.

Trump’s nominee for education secretary has a long history of wielding influence outside of government and behind the scenes.

The education-secretary nominee avoided specifics as senators pressed for her positions on issues including student debt, regulations on for-profit-colleges, and Title IX.

A primer on President-elect Donald J. Trump’s pick for education secretary, whose confirmation hearings begin today.

Betsy DeVos, President-elect Trump’s pick to head the Education Department, has no track record in higher education. But that’s hardly unusual over the post’s short history.

A huge loan system and day-to-day campus complications can humble any education secretary, no matter how ideologically ardent she is.

Despite her lack of a higher-ed portfolio, Trump’s pick for education secretary combines a passion for education and impressive political skills.

What she’s advocated for in elementary and secondary schools in Michigan has implications for her approach to American colleges.

Donald Trump’s choice for education secretary has well-established views on elementary and secondary education, but virtually no track record on higher education. Friends and observers say her support for school choice may provide clues to her vision.