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Howard Gardner

Howard Gardner is a research professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is the co-author of The Real World of College: What Higher Education Is and What It Can Be (MIT Press).

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Stories by this Author

  • The Review | Opinion

    Students Are Missing the Point of College

    Too many of them are alienated from their institutions. Here’s what to do about it.
  • Advice

    Why We Should Require All Students to Take 2 Philosophy Courses

    Undergraduates should start and finish their education with a course tackling the “big questions of life.”
  • Advice

    Recommendation Inflation

    Recommendation letters don’t generally reflect candid professional judgments, but here are some tips on making them at least a little more helpful.
  • The Review

    Good Work, Well Done: a Psychological Study

    The topic of work has long been the subject of academic study. Indeed, from their beginnings in the 18th and 19th centuries, the disciplines of economics and sociology accorded labor, production, and the organization -- and organizations -- of work a primary place in their firmament of concerns.…
  • News

    The Necessity of ‘Individual-Centered Schooling’

    American education is at a turning point. There are considerable pressures to move very sharply in the direction of “uniform schooling”; there is also the possibility that our educational system can embrace “individual-centered schooling.” A struggle is under way at this moment about the probable…
  • News

    Halting the Spread of Educational Fraud and Deception

    During the past year I’ve found myself in a number of deeply disturbing situations that amount to nothing less than educational fraud. Until now these situations have seemed sufficiently isolated that I have kept them to myself, mentioning them in passing to only a few friends and associates. But…
  • News

    Two Rhetorics of School Reform Are Examined

    Despite the plethora of reports and articles about school reform during the past decade, there has been distressingly little genuine dialogue between the two principal participants in the discussion. On the one hand are the educational researchers and policy experts, who are pleased that at last…
  • News

    The Academic Community Must Not Shun the Debate Over How to Set National Educational Goals

    The recent “Education Summit” convened by President Bush reflected all too well our ambivalence about setting a single set of educational standards in this country. Acknowledging the need for some “uniformity,” the President and the assembled governors called for national educational performance…