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Luna Laliberte

Editorial-Events Coordinator
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Luna Laliberte is an editorial-events coordinator at The Chronicle. She produces virtual forums with Chronicle reporters on the most pressing issues in higher ed. Previously she worked for the Plangere Writing Center at Rutgers University and led Zoom meetings with 50 attendees or more. Under the mentorship of Associate Professor Vikki Katz, she analyzed qualitative data from research projects on remote learning. Her focus was on understanding how technologies — like Zoom — may have both hindered and eased students’ transition to remote learning. She also held editorial internships at Plangere and Dialogues@RU.

Luna earned a bachelor’s degree in communication in 2021 with minors in creative writing and education. In May 2022, she received her master’s in communication, specializing in digital media. She speaks Spanish and English and aims to move from intermediate to advanced Japanese. In her spare time — when she isn’t learning new languages — she knits, crochets, bakes, and hikes. She loves reading and writing fiction novels, and is always looking for book recommendations.

You can find her on LinkedIn, or visit her website for more information.

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