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Robert Talbert

Robert Talbert is a mathematician and educator with interests in cryptology, computer science, and STEM education. He is affiliated with the mathematics department at Grand Valley State University.

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Stories by this Author

  • Wired Campus

    How Tech Tools Can Help Professors Prepare Their Tenure Portfolios

    Managing the creation of a tenure portfolio can be a daunting task. But one professor up for tenure argues that an organized mind-set, judicious use of technology, and a simple workflow for managing information can make the task bearable — even fun.
  • Wired Campus

    How Student Video Presentations Can Build Community in an Online Course

    In the online environment, many aspects of pedagogy and course design that are taken for granted in face-to-face courses become serious challenges.
  • Casting Out Nines

    Hello Goodbye

    This is the final post at the Chronicle for Casting Out Nines. The blog is moving over to a new location at and taking on some new stylistic directions.
  • Casting Out Nines

    4+1 Interview: Theron Hitchman

    In the latest installment of the 4+1 interviews, we hear from another expert on inquiry-based learning in mathematics, Prof. Theron Hitchman of the University of Northern Iowa.
  • Casting Out Nines

    4+1 Interview: Victor Piercey

    Victor Piercey of Ferris State University shares his thoughts and experiences on inquiry-based learning in mathematics and what he and his students have learned through the use of IBL.
  • Casting Out Nines

    Is flipping an online course possible?

    Is it possible to flip a fully-online course that has no synchronous class meetings? The answer appears to be “yes”, but it involves unlearning some assumptions about flipped learning and about pedagogy in general.
  • Casting Out Nines

    GTD for academics: The importance of review

    In this ongoing series of using Getting Things Done (GTD) in an academic lifestyle, we look at the process of review on a weekly, daily, and quarterly basis.
  • Casting Out Nines

    An invitation to the Legacy of R. L. Moore/IBL conference

    At this year’s Legacy of R. L. Moore and Inquiry Based Learning Conference, there will be a significant emphasis on flipped learning and IBL and a chance to explore how the IBL and flipped classroom communities can help each other.
  • Casting Out Nines

    GTD for academics: The mindset and the precepts

    If we academic types were able to get big things done, like our dissertations, then why are there so many simpler, smaller things that don’t get done? And why does it seem we are out of control of the things we have to get done? In this first post in a series on the Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy for academics, we examine two important mistakes many academics make in dealing with time and projects.
  • Casting Out Nines

    Observations and changes for specs grading, 8 weeks in

    Two-thirds of the way through the semester of specifications grading, I’ve gotten a fairly good look at how it works. And I have some observations and some things to change for next time.