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The Teaching Compact

Patricia Emison, an art historian at the University of New Hampshire, outlines her expectations of her students … and herself.

The Growth in College Costs Is Slowing, Particularly for Poorer Families

A close examination of the rise in tuition discounting proves that, contrary to claims, higher education is getting more affordable, not less, says James L. Doti.

An Adjunct’s Farewell

David J. McCowin, a devoted teacher, wants his students to know about the working conditions that have finally pushed him out of the classroom.

How to Remove Bias From Peer Review

Recent news about an open-access scientific journal that appeared to reject a paper by two women partly for sexist reasons highlights why editors and reviewers need to be held more accountable, writes Teri W. Odom.

Save the Academic Conference. It’s How Our Work Blossoms.

A recent New York Times essay that criticizes conferences doesn’t match the experiences of David M. Perry, who says most events re-energize him as a scholar and remind him why he got into academe.

All But Hired: Changing Incentives for Graduate Time-to-Degree

Travis W. Proctor, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, offers suggestions on bringing more financial and institutional security to grad students.

How Sweet Briar Can Save Itself

Small rural colleges should play to their strengths and recruit students who would flourish in an academically rigorous environment, says Peter T. Mitchell.

My Nomadic Class

Colleges and universities do not have too few classrooms, says Thomas Fisher. They have too few spaces that they call classrooms.

The ‘Story Behind the Story': Making Lit Matter

Erick Sierra reflects on teaching literature and linking it to what students find viscerally and deeply important.

A Field Guide to American Higher-Ed Reformers

Steven Ward offers tips on identifying the predatory, the hapless, and the annoying in the ecosystem of higher-ed reform.
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