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A Student Disc Jockey’s Stand Against ‘Sexist’ Club Culture

Trevor Dougherty, a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, says “ladies’ nights” turn women into commodities.

One Way to Study Immigration: Exhume Unidentified Remains in South Texas

After graduating from the University of Indianapolis, Cheneta Morrison joined a forensic crew working to locate migrants’ pauper graves.

The Program Behind This Math Major

Jesse Smith, a rising junior at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, credits his peer mentor and Meyerhoff scholarship “family” with helping to lift his ambitions.

A Queer Male Student Shares ‘Human Face’ of Campus Sexual Assault

John Kelly, a senior at Tufts University, identifies himself as a survivor of sexual assault, and he wants to improve policies for students like him.

From the Fields to Washington, the Son of Farmworkers Becomes an Advocate

Yonny Castillo, a rising junior at Willamette University, came from Mexico as a baby and spent summers picking blueberries with his parents. This summer he will intern for Farmworker Justice.

To Fight the Stigma Around Mental Illness, a Student Shares Her Story

Trisha Luengen organized a suicide-prevention walk to educate her fellow students at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Why Not Try the Place With the Palm Trees?

Before attending a college-prep program for Native American students, Maija Cruz had never heard of Stanford University. Now she is about to graduate from there.

Mobilizing to Reduce Disparities in Health Care

Nick Goodwin, a senior at Emory University, came back from a study-abroad trip determined to connect underserved local families to health resources, including insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

A Science Student Talks Her Way Onto the Model UN Team

In her home country of Ethiopia, Yemi Melka had to pick between science and social science. Now at Augsburg College, she is blending her interests in chemistry and international relations.

In South Africa, an AIDS Orphan Becomes a Scholar

Andile Justice Mkonto had run away and fallen in with a bad crowd, he says, before a development group helped him refocus his life and set off for college in London.
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