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Cupcakes Collide With Tuscaloosa Trademarks

The University of Alabama’s legal threat against a cake maker strikes many fans of the Crimson Tide as half-baked.

The Mindset of a Particular Set of Minds

How well do you relate to a student born in 1994? Beloit College presents its annual list of things that have always been true for a new freshman class.

The More Things Change ...

In preparation for the release of the Beloit College Mindset List, which purports to predict freshmen’s “cultural touchstones,” we’ve made our own.

Deceit and Fraud: Totally Hilarious

“Doonesbury” takes on for-profit (and nonprofit) sacred cows in a series of strips on higher education.

Congrabulations on Your Grabuation!

A complicated font used by Idaho State University leaves some diplomas looking a little less than dignified.

Tortured Metaphors Top the Conference Agenda

A literary tailwind is gusting through financial-aid and risk-management meetings this season. Any more analogies whirling about?

Students Graded on Splash and Panache in Scholarship Contest

It’s one of the few competitions in which the winner was the biggest flop.

Threats Continue Against Joe Paterno Statue

About the only threat that the late head coach’s bronze image doesn’t face is being indicted.

Meet Batman’s Real Arch-Nemesis: Gravity

A group of four physics students at the University of Leicester has concluded that the Caped Crusader’s method of gliding would quickly leave him “a bit splattered.”

An American Treasure Turns Up at Ludwig Maximilian U. of Munich

The document, found between pages in a library volume, was produced by 16th-century cartographers who erroneously credited the New World’s discovery to Amerigo Vespucci.
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