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The Student-Centered College


Colleges have long tried to create environments conducive to students’ feeling as if they belong. Colleges have asked: How can we develop bonds with our students and create a community that can support their success? Traditionally, that work took the form of in-person interactions like campuswide events and one-on-one advising appointments.

More recently, shifts in student expectations have pushed campuses to adopt programs and technologies that bridge the gap between physical and digital. The key to attracting new students (and keeping them enrolled), not surprisingly, is leaning further into a student-first philosophy.

Join us to listen to our panel of college leaders discuss how they’re creating the best experience for their students, from experimenting with how they communicate with students — even before they’re admitted — to formulating a more tailored pedagogy. Learn what campus leaders are doing to create a student-centered college experience.

Host: Alex Kafka, senior editor, The Chronicle of Higher Education

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