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Virtual Forum: Overcoming the Enrollment Challenges Facing Rural Colleges

Rural America is changing. As demographics continue to shift and fewer local graduates feed the applicant pool, those changes are forcing rural colleges to face a key challenge: what to do about enrollment.

To examine how colleges can overcome that challenge, The Chronicle will bring together a panel of admissions leaders at rural colleges across the country for a candid discussion. During that virtual forum, “Overcoming the Enrollment Challenges of Rural Colleges,” we will ask and answer such questions as:

  • What aspects of rural campuses and academic programs appeal to potential applicants, and can institutions better highlight them?
  • What specific challenges do rural colleges face as they look to attract a more-diverse student body?
  • How much is this broad challenge a matter of better marketing?
  • What substantive changes, if any, might be required?

Host: Eric Kelderman, senior reporter, The Chronicle of Higher Education


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