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Case Study: Sowing New Fileds

Sowing New Fields

How to Prep Rural Students for a Digital Workforce

Created by Chronicle Brand Studio

For many, a “good” career results from obtaining a degree from a four-year institution. And, indeed, in several parts of the country, this steadfast belief in a single pathway impacts educational and economic policy that’s become focused on this traditional college journey. This has left little room for rural students.

A recent report from the Aspen Institute estimates that 1.5 million students attend nearly 450 rural two-year colleges across the country. These students often lack access or resources to pursue education at a four-year college.

Yet, throughout rural counties, various community colleges and nonprofit groups are collaborating to develop alternative curricula and training programs to make sure these students are put on career tracks.

In this latest case study, we take a look at how community colleges and nonprofits are working with their local rural communities to create new pathways to good-paying jobs for rural students.


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