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Almanac 2019-Diversity

Along with examining diversity in its many forms, among students, faculty members, and administrators, this section takes a close look at why enrollment of black students has been declining at a faster rate since 2010 than has enrollment over all.

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  • Backgrounder

    Why Has Black-Student Enrollment Fallen?

    Colleges look for ways to reverse an overall decline since 2010.
  • News

    Gender, Race, & Ethnicity

    Whites make up just 56 percent of students but 77 percent of instructional faculty members and managers. See our breakdowns by race and ethnicity.
  • Diversity Indexes

    How diverse are your college’s students, faculty members, and managers? Use our interactive tables to find out.
  • News

    Changes in African-American Enrollment

    Enrollment of black students has fallen by nearly 365,000 since 2010. Several tables analyze where the loss is occurring.
  • News

    Age & Other Characteristics

    Representation of veterans, older students, parents, students with disabilities, and students of varying socioeconomic status is covered here.
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    See which colleges enroll the most foreign students, what places they come from, and where American students study abroad.