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Unsung Campus: 5 Jobs Powering the Modern College

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The start of the fall semester brings students and faculty members at residential colleges back to the classroom, and administrators back to their offices. But the modern university is much more than the loose association of students and teachers that characterized the early years of American higher education. Major colleges are, in many ways, small cities, and much more work goes into keeping them running than is commonly understood.

The Chronicle profiled five workers whose campus jobs can be overlooked but are, in their own ways, integral to the functioning of the modern university. This is not by any means an exhaustive list of higher education’s unsung labor. Such a list would be impossible to compile. Rather, this is just a small selection of the people who perform higher ed’s less-heralded tasks — what we’re calling the “Unsung Campus.” —Andy Thomason

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    The Cleanup Never Ends

    For the modern residential university, image can be everything. These are the unseen, unacknowledged workers who keep a university’s campus clean.
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    They Keep the College Moving

    Behind a university’s research, class field trips, and student recruitment is “a virtual smorgasbord of vehicles.” Meet the mechanics who keep them running.
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    A Diplomat Between Powerful Leaders

    The secretary of a college’s governing board is often called upon to ferry information between the college’s administration and the board.
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    When You Need That One and Only Book

    The student and faculty projects universities tout are built on research. Interlibrary-loan managers help make sure that research is available.
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    On Social Media, They Represent the College 24/7

    Most colleges have social-media accounts with multitudes of followers. The staff members who run those accounts have an outsized influence on the institution’s image.