Bucknell U. Apologizes for Reporting Incorrect SAT Scores

Bucknell’s president, John C. Bravman, said in a written statement to the university’s Board of Trustees that the errors stemmed from the omission of the scores of a number of students in the entering classes from 2006 to 2012, causing the mean scores for those classes to be reported as seven to 25 points higher than they actually were. The erroneous numbers were posted on the university’s Web site and reported to “various organizations,” including the board. The faulty numbers were prepared by “enrollment-management leadership no longer with the university,” he said.

“These numerical omissions, as relatively small as they were, violated the trust of every student, faculty member, staff member and Bucknellian they reached,” University President John C. Bravman said. He offered an apology “for these violations of the integrity of Bucknell.”

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