September 25, 2016

The Obama Issue

 Barack Obama has had a consequential presidency. In this special issue of The Chronicle Review, we turn our attention to the accomplishments and disappointments of the past eight years. What has Obama meant for higher education and the broader world of ideas? What will be his intellectual and cultural legacy? And what lies ahead for America in the wake of his presidency?

Gains in college attainment have been modest over the past eight years. Did the 44th president fail to deliver?

Danielle Allen, Janet Halley, Raynard S. Kington, Anthony P. Carnevale, Marta Tienda, and Jamie Merisotis respond to Michael S. Roth. 

After Obama, historically black colleges are at greater risk.

Free public higher education is no longer a laughable idea. #ThanksObama

The first black Ivy League president reflects on the first black U.S. president.

How race affected nearly everything the president touched.

Meritocracy and the modern university.

It’s time for a more realistic idealism.

Appreciating an overlooked legacy.

Democracy, he reminds us, is a work in progress.

Did it matter that Obama was one of us?

Watching history unfold over salad.