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Gabriela A. Montell

Assistant Editor (former)
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Gabriela Montell was an assistant editor and a longtime writer at The Chronicle, where she helped develop and launch an online career-news-and-advice hub for young academics and covered diversity, equity, and labor issues in academe.

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Stories by this Author

  • Two-Minute Tips

    How to Improve Your Teaching-Philosophy Statement

    Writing a teaching philosophy can be a daunting task. Just how do you articulate your approach to the classroom? Worry not. Fernanda Zamudio-Suaréz is here with six tips for expressing your philosophy and landing that job interview based on Gabriela Montel’s article “How to Write a Statement of Teaching Philosophy.”
  • On Hiring

    A New Home for On Hiring

    Attention, readers: On Hiring is moving!
  • On Hiring

    Happy Holidays!

    Please note that the weekly On Hiring newsletter will be on hiatus this week because of the holidays, but it’ll be back in your emailbox on January 2, 2014.
  • On Hiring

    No Thanks.

    A young female scientist explains why she turned down a tenure-track job offer.
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    There’s No Business Like Edubusiness

    Think you can avoid the corporate world by going into college teaching? Think again, Jeanne Zaino says.
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    Dude, Your Fly Is Unzipped!

    How should you respond to being called out on your privilege? The same way you’d respond to being caught with your zipper down, a deep-sea biologist explains.
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    Is Love in the Stars?

    A postdoc in astrophysics finds that the formula for keeping your academic hopes alive is completely at odds with the formula for keeping your relationship alive.
  • On Hiring

    Move Over, Roger Federer

    Companies already pay big money to universities for naming rights. Why stop there?, an economics professor asks.
  • On Hiring

    Happy Independence Day!

    Because of the Fourth of July holiday, we will not be sending an On Hiring newsletter on Thursday. We’ll be back next week.
  • On Hiring

    Hiring & Firing Bytes: Supreme Court Edition

    A look at this week’s landmark Supreme Court rulings and what they could mean for college employees and employers.