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Jeffrey J. Williams

Professor of literary and cultural studies
Carnegie Mellon University

Jeffrey J. Williams, a professor of literary and cultural studies at Carnegie Mellon University, is a distinguished visiting fellow at the Advanced Research Collaborative at the CUNY Graduate Center during fall 2019. He co-edits the Critical University Studies book series from Johns Hopkins University Press.

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Stories by this Author

  • The Review

    The New Humanities

    Once-robust fields are being broken up and stripped for parts.
  • The Review

    Jane Gallop Is Talking About Sex Again

    The controversial literary theorist on aging, falling out of fashion, #MeToo, and why teaching is inevitably erotic.
  • The Review

    The Rise of the Promotional Intellectual

    So you’re on Twitter. That doesn’t make you a public intellectual.
  • The Review

    The Counterintuitive Critics

    Walter Benn Michaels’s grad students have infused literary analysis with enlightened skepticism.
  • The Review

    Empire of Letters

    Tom Lutz’s Los Angeles Review of Books seeks to infuse literary judgment with a democratic spirit.
  • The Review

    The New Modesty in Literary Criticism

    “Surface,” “distance,” and related approaches to reading reflect more grounded, if less culturally and politically ambitious, goals.
  • The Chronicle Review

    The ‘Contemporary’ Moment

    Modern is musty, postmodern is passé, and the current struggles to stay cutting edge. Time flies. Can culture keep up?
  • The Chronicle Review

    An Academic Novel With a Twist

    This tale is told through a year’s worth of recommendation letters.
  • The Chronicle Review

    Generation Jones

    Neither boomer nor Gen X, an age group’s identity has become sandwiched between stereotypes.
  • The Chronicle Review

    An MLA History, Minus the Nostalgia

    The convention’s evolution has long been marked by struggles over cultural politics, redefining literature and how it should be studied.