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We’re Moving!

ProfHacker is leaving its home at the Chronicle, where it’s been since September 2009, and once again setting out as an indie.

Weekend Reading: Good Luck This Semester Edition

Most weeks, ProfHacker wraps things up with five links worth reading and a video worth watching.

Genius as an Alternative Social Media

The guest author Kate Holterhoff returns to extol the benefits of the annotation platform, especially when considered as a less-toxic, if unlikely, form of social media.

How to do Rapid Response Research

I’ve written before about the good folks* behind the Nimble Tents Toolkit, a set of strategies and templates for helping mobilize academic and related workers in support of urgent crises. The first project was last fall’s mapathon for Puerto Rico, and they have had more successes since.

How to Value Labor in Digital Projects

Jason Jones highlights the DLF’s Research Agenda on Valuing Labor in Digital Libraries, a valuable way to begin recognizing more clearly the labor at stake in such projects and institutions.

Weekend Reading - Rediscovering Blogging Edition

Lee Skallerup Bessette offers some readings to think about blogs, blogging, and how we are reconnecting on the web.

Getting Ready for Teaching This Fall

Lee Skallerup Bessette shares some things to think about incorporating into your courses for the fall.

Weekend Reading: What Do You Mean, “Late Summer”? Edition

Most Fridays, ProfHacker wraps up the week with five links and a video worth watching.

An Itty Bitty Post

Jason Jones points to itty bitty, a new service that lets you share entire web pages encoded in the link itself.

Revisiting a Summer Writing Challenge

Anastasia Salter shares tools and tips for running a summer writing challenge online and using collaboration to increase your daily productivity.
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