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Virtual Events on Finance and Operations

  • Innovative Financial Aid for Today’s Students

    ON DEMAND: Almost half of college students will drop out over the cost of their education. What financial-aid strategies can colleges use to keep them on track to graduate? Join us to discuss this issue with policy experts and higher-ed leaders. With Support From UIA. Watch on demand.
  • The Student-Data Challenge: Sharing and Security

    ON DEMAND: Colleges are finding more ways to track data to improve the student experience, but that raises concerns about data security and privacy. Join this forum to discuss how to balance those concerns against using data efficiently. With Support From AWS. Watch on demand.
  • Helping Students Pay for College

    ON DEMAND: The cost of college prevents many from achieving the goal of a college degree. What can institutions do to help students get access to financial aid? A panel of experts will examine how changes to the FAFSA and other developments may affect applicants. With Support From Oracle. Watch on demand.
  • Preparing for an Ever-Changing Future

    ON DEMAND: College leaders are grappling with the challenge of building more resilient institutions in the face of ever-changing obstacles. What strategic planning and financial modeling practices can help? A panel of experts offers ideas to help leaders rethink their approaches in the virtual forum, Preparing for an Ever-Changing Future. With Support From Syntellis. Watch on demand.
  • Building a More Healthy and Sustainable Campus

    ON DEMAND: The pandemic has called new attention to the importance of proper air circulation and purification in campus spaces, while the call to address climate change has reached a new level of urgency. How can colleges balance these pivotal initiatives? In this virtual forum, a panel of experts discusses these essential issues while examining the potential barriers to success. With support from HDR. Watch on demand
  • Rethinking Campus Spaces

    ON DEMAND: The pandemic has accelerated colleges’ need to update their campus plans — and now it has the potential to shape the campus of the future. In the virtual forum, a panel of leading campus planners, architects, and other experts joins The Chronicle for a discussion of our in-depth reporting and the trends emerging on campuses nationwide.With Support From Occuspace. Watch on demand
  • The Student Impact on the College Business Model

    ON DEMAND: As the pandemic fueled a shift in the higher ed experience, so have the expectations of students. While many now place an even greater premium on in-classroom learning, many others have enjoyed the flexibility online learning provides. Join us as a panel of college leaders examine the effect of students changing expectations on colleges’ business models and revenue generation.With Support From AWS. Watch on demand
  • Virtual Event: New Models for Rural Colleges

    In a virtual forum hosted by Scott Carlson, a senior writer at The Chronicle, a panel of experts will gather to discuss how their institutions are innovating to meet demands. Join to hear lessons for rural colleges — as well as ones that apply to other challenged institutions.
  • The Covid-19 Outlook: How Will 2021’s New Developments Affect Colleges’ Pandemic Response?

    ON DEMAND: With changes in local, state, and federal policies ahead and effective vaccines soon to come, higher ed is beginning to imagine what 2021 may hold. In the virtual forum, a panel of experts in higher ed, epidemiology, and public health come together for an in-depth discussion of the months ahead. With Support from Everlywell . Watch on demand
  • Race, Class, and Campus Climate

    ON DEMAND: Colleges have promised to confront racism and inequity to create more supportive environments for all. But what are leaders doing differently now than in years past? And what will it really take to achieve a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus climate? In this virtual forum, we will explore how colleges can take meaningful action for their communities. Watch on demand