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  • Advice

    How to Run a Good Meeting

    You’ve been in your share of awful meetings. Here’s how to lead better ones.
  • Package

    The Assault on DEI

    Collected stories about state legislation aimed at dismantling diversity, equity, and inclusion policy.
  • Mentoring Programs for First-Gen Students

    UPCOMING: March 28, 2023 | 2 p.m. ET. First-gen students often benefit from mentors, but how do they find them? Mentoring programs can help. Join us to learn more about creating such programs. With Support From Ascendium. Register here.
  • In Their Own Words: Challenges of First-Gen Students

    Two first-generation students describe the multiple challenges and profound losses they’ve faced in college -- and what has helped keep them in school.
  • ‘I Had to Choose Myself’: A First-Gen Story

    Meet Selena Bush, a senior at Roosevelt University, in Chicago. Despite daunting family and financial challenges, she is powering through to her degree.
  • Student Resource Center Signup

    Read this case study to understand how universities are using the summer before college starts to foster student success, especially for low-income and first-generation students.
  • The Student Experience

    Free Report: Connecting in the Classroom and Beyond

    Faculty members are struggling more than ever to reach their students. Emphasizing human connections in the classroom is a key success strategy.
  • The Myth of the Digital Native

    Download the Chronicle’s research brief to to learn where the “digital native” myth came from and how can higher education institutions can more effectively teach, assess, and measure digital skills.
  • Global Events and the Curriculum

    ON DEMAND: Students must be brought up to date on the issues facing the world, from geopolitics to social challenges. Join us to learn how you can infuse those concepts into your institution’s curriculum. With Support From USF. Watch on demand.
  • In Defense of Libraries

    ON DEMAND: In this forum, learn how libraries can compete in a time of scarce resources and conflicting priorities. With Support From Occuspace. Watch on demand.
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